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How can hemorroid be effectively treated ?

There are many illnesses that prevent physical, mental and social well-being and thus hinder human development. Among these, some are common in humans. One of these is hemorrhoid, which exists in two forms: an internal and an external form. To overcome this condition, there are quick and inexpensive effective treatments that must be done to achieve satisfaction.

The causes of hemorrhoid

The best way to overcome a disease is to attack it at the source. Hence the need to know the origin of this disease which is hemoroid. Indeed, hemorrhoids is a painful crisis which is generally due to the dilation and the inflammation of the hemorrhoidal veins located at the level of the anus. Hemorrhoids are often caused by difficulty or effort in passing stool. Apart from this first and main cause of the disease, certain foodstuffs are also at the origin of this disease, in this case we have meat of all kinds, very spicy meals, excessive consumption of alcoholic and sweet drinks. It should be noted that the main cause is due to the lack of hydration and fibre in the diet which causes the hardening of the stools, hence the difficulty of rejection with the consequence of hemorrhoid.

Possible treatments to effectively combat hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is a very common disease in men with enormous consequences, particularly on sexual activity. To combat it, many medical and traditional researches have been made to relieve hemorrhoidal patients. The very first treatment is the control of the diet. Indeed, to succeed in the treatment, it is necessary to avoid all foods that are at the root of this disease. In addition to these foods, one should avoid sticky sauces, bread, and all solid foods. After each meal, you should take bissap juice to make bowel movements easier. Eat foods rich in fibre. Another effective treatment is the use of cider vinegar. If it is an internal haemorrhoid, take a teaspoon of vinegar diluted and taken every morning on an empty stomach. If it is the external form, it is enough to wet the part with the cider vinegar three to four times a day. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you want a modern treatment.